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"I'm here to finish what we started"

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Holland and its surrounding region have a good problem. While it is great that many businesses are thriving, more people want to live here than can find housing, at all levels of the housing spectrum. Council is committed to doing what we can to plan, zone, invest, and abate, following our master plan, and thereby approving projects that fit to make Holland home for more people, from millennials to perennials, at all income levels. Several exciting mixed use projects are in the pipeline. We are redoing our Unified Development Code to reflect our 2017 Master Plan to streamline and inspire continued development. We appreciate all the partners who have stepped forward to help maximize livability for our growing population.  Several public-private partnership projects are in the pipeline which should expand our offerings and be quality, sustainable initiatives for all income levels. The next year or two should include plenty of construction.


Holland's Waterfront is the current creative conversation in Holland. Besides working hard with Project Clarity to clean up Lake Macatawa, we are excited to dream about the future of the 16 acres that used to be our coal burning power plant. On site tours this fall were followed by vision charrettes to garner principles. This April and May, we continue with large scale charrettes, brainstorming sessions to garner ideas. Much will be determined about our waterfront in the next couple years. We need to stay on course and navigate these waters carefully to present the very best for Holland Harbor long term.


Another enviable problem in the Holland area is the abundance of jobs without enough job-seekers. We need to tell our story. Just as Governor Snyder advocated for Michigan businesses to supply each other to raise all of their profitability, we need to connect our future workers with our businesses. That's exactly what we did in connecting Lakeshore Advantage, Holland Youth Advisory Council, and area businesses with regional high school students at the Mayor's Round Table. It was a great night of employers learning from the students and students realizing the breadth and depth of the amazing businesses in this area. Everyone left with a story to tell. Marketing our quality of life, including the heart of our philanthropic, community-minded businesses is another major factor for attracting talent to the Holland area. Together, we can figure this out.